The strategic focus of Interpack was on four topics: the circular economy, resource conservation, digitisation and product safety, all of which are in the DNA of the Aetna Group, one of the key players at the trade fair.

The Group was present with all its main Business Units in a dedicated area of approximately 1,000 square metres set up on two levels. It included a range of latest-generation products, fine-tuned to produce extremely flexible and efficient end-of-line products, aimed at meeting even the most sophisticated requirements from both a technical and market perspective. Live demos were provided for almost all the technologies, which attracted the attention and curiosity of a wide audience of visitors.

In fact, hundreds of industrialists, manufacturers, experts and professionals from all over the world visited the stand where they were able to appreciate the sustainable technologies, the latest additions to the range and the warm welcome typical of the Aetna Group, which was enhanced by the presence of its attentive, cohesive and always energetic One Global Team.

A new feature of this trade fair included three daily presentations delivered directly by the group's experts in the Digital Arena, an area specially created to provide a comprehensive view of products and central topics such as load stabilisation, the approach to sustainability, stretch wrapping, palletising and depalletising systems, digital services, logistics solutions, integrated solutions and TechLab, the world's most advanced research laboratory.

Aetna Group’s presence at Interpack included two events that made the Group stand out on the packaging scene as a benchmark for commercial strength, service quality and attention to issues regarding corporate social responsibility.

The first was the Robopac Machinery BU Dealer Meeting, which attracted over 300 dealers from more than 60 countries to share results, market trends and future prospects under the theme 'Meet the Future'. Enrico Aureli, CEO of the Group, together with his sister Valentina, led the proceedings, supported by the top management of the BU and industry experts to talk about product and supply chain developments, establishing strategies and goals for the future.

A large number of people attended the event, reflecting the strong bond and mutual trust that employees and stakeholders have in the One Global Company.

Another event that involved the entire Interpack organisation, with the support of the World Packaging Organisation-WPO, and which attracted over 150 people, was Women in Packaging. The Group’s CEO, Valentina Aureli, was invited, together with four other leaders of the sector, to share her view on women

in the world of packaging and to speak about her career. An event that was intended to be an opportunity for exchanging ideas and inspiration for many talented young women.

This is a very sensitive issue within the Group, which had already proposed and organised it a couple of times via the Robopac USAsubsidiary: first at Pack-Expo in Chicago in October 2022, and then this year in Duluth, the headquarters of the American branch, with the aim of enhancing the role of women in the Aetna Group.

Aetna Group therefore closes this edition of Interpack 2023 with satisfaction and success, the result of constant growth at a global level that has lasted 40 years, of a commercial system capable of enhancing the value of its technology throughout the world thanks to a tailor-made service and special attention to the needs of customers and target markets. With a turnover in excess of 400 million euro in 2022 and a forecast for 2023 of around 500, the company today has 1,850 employees and 12 subsidiaries worldwide.

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