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TopTier manufactures palletizers exclusively. Our focus is to provide your company with the best and most cost-effective palletizing solution for your application.

TopTier palletizers are more compact and less expensive than traditional palletizing solutions. Our patented technology uses simplified modular designs for reliability and flexibility. TopTier palletizers are engineered to be the most durable, most easy to use, and safest on the global market. TopTier offers conventional and hybrid robotic models. The concurrent stretch wrapping option is integrated into both conventional and robotic palletizers.

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Costco’s in-house production for tubed snacks: “TopTier is on all our lines.”   
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Comparing Robot and Layer Building Palletizers

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TopTier introduced the new All-Electric L7 model series at Interpack 2014. We appreciate the widespread interest and support from all visitors and guests. "Very positive as I have never returned from a show and had this kind of response." Dave Snelson, TopTier Sales Manager. More details...
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