Preventative maintenance by TopTier certified technicians verifies the highest efficiencies and extends the lifespan of the palletizer.

The Safeguard 4 step program is tailored to meet your ongoing maintenance requirements.

1. Diagnostic Visit

A comprehensive check-up includes a thorough diagnostic inspection of the machine for faults and errors to uncover current and potential issues.


2. Customized Maintenance Report

A detailed report includes discovered issues and recommended corrective actions including a spare parts inventory.

3. Spare Parts Installation

Certified technicians will install any recommended replacement parts. A 10% discount for spare parts is included in the program.


4. Operator Coaching

A TopTier certified technician will provide in depth coaching on-site for your operators to create new patterns, improve efficiencies, and maintain desired operating standards.

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Having a certified technician inspect your investment is vital for your palletizer's optimal performance.

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