Controlled Door Entry

Controlled door entry assures the palletizer is in a safe condition prior to operator exposure to the restricted hazard area. Controlled entry is part of a comprehensive safety protocol that also includes redundant protection for gravity induced hazards and removal of all high voltage outside the control panel during any entrance into the safety enclosure.

Palletizers achieve category 3, PL-d per EN ISO 13849-1 safety standard based on controlled entrance protocols. Controlled entrance safety design encloses all palletizer related hazards inside an integral safety enclosure. The Safety Controller confirms status prior to allowing entrance to the enclosure. Controlled entrance provides the highest possible level of operator safety.

Controlled Entrance Protocols
  • All hazards are cordoned off inside the integrated palletizer frame system
  • All mechanisms that have potential to create a serious hazard are stopped in a controlled manner and a spring applied fail safe brake engage on devices with a gravity induce hazard
  • Secondary redundant mechanical latches engage locking out gravity induced fall potential as a redundancy to the primary fail safe brake
  • All high voltage power is dropped outside the control panel
  • All high voltage DC bus voltage is rapidly dissipated
  • The entry door push-button lights green when entrance is allowed
  • Only the door where request for entrance is made unlatches for opening
  • Use of emergency internal release handles at each door initiates an estop condition
  • Large controlled entrance doors allow safe and convenient access
  • RFID tags or latch key systems to further restrict or track request for entrance protocols are available
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