Incorporate TopTier's advanced palletizer control system with your workflow to elevate your facility's operational capacity. We create these systems with a combination of leading-edge technology and user-centric design.

This palletizing software control system not only optimizes your workflow but also empowers your team with a tool that brings tangible improvements to your bottom line. By properly integrating this system, you can anticipate a noticeable uptick in efficiency and a return on investment that validates your decision to invest in the future of palletizing technology. Learn more about the features of our palletizer control system below.


The controls architecture is based on an Allen Bradley PLC running universal PLC and HMI code modules. The PLC and HMI code is compiled for the specific palletizer configuration from the universal code. The use of modified and custom code does not apply.

Backup and Recovery

PLC code, VFD parameters and load patterns are backed up daily. All current machine data is quickly recoverable and downloadable to the device for rapid error free re-start.

Motor Control

EuroDrive gearmotors equipped with encoder feedback controlled by servo drives operating in VFD mode provide accurate and refined motion of all primary components. The many simultaneous motions of the palletizer are continuously monitored by the PLC to prevent collisions and optimize positioning accuracy for smooth damage free product handling.


Operations interface is provided by a color touchscreen panel running AB Factory Talk HMI. HMI screens provide powerful and intuitive interface to the palletizer for all needed operations. HMI screens are designed for simple yet comprehensive access to palletizer functionality including automatic and manual operations, pattern selection and programming, back-up, recovery operations, safety status and maintenance logs. HMI PC provides additional functionality options such as data collection, video machine monitoring interface, host interface, presentation of operations, maintenance, and training videos at the HMI.

Electrical and Safety Compliance

Palletizer electrical and safety control systems meet industry standards with compliance accepted in all US and Canadian jurisdictions for UL-508A, NEC, NFPA-79, OSHA, and CSA STD. C22.2 NO.14. Palletizers destined outside of North America are CE marked and documented to EU standards.

Palletizers meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), Low Voltage Directives (2006/95/EC) and when CE Marked the EMC Directive (2004/108/EC). Risk assessments are performed in accordance with EN13849 using Sick SafeExpert software and the overall safety control system is validated using the IFA Systema software. These norms are accepted as the most comprehensive set in the industry. The perception of safety risks is subjective as an end user may consider a particular hazard to be more relevant that the analysis provided by TopTier. TopTier will provide the risk assessment to any purchaser of TopTier palletizers upon request. Should an end user assess a safety risk differently than TopTier, TopTier will address the objection provided the remedy will not undermine proven safety systems.


Allen Bradley PLC 
SICK safety controller 
Allen Bradley 9" color touchscreen (lower speed configurations) 
B&R 12" color touchscreen PC (higher speed configurations) 
EasyStack Software 
Touch-safe UL listed panel
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