EasyStack® Palletizer Programming Software


TopTier palletizers can build any pallet pattern, with up to 99 patterns stored and instantly accessible. End users can easily create new patterns using the HMI touch screen common to both conventional and robotic models.

Palletizing is a crucial step in packaging and shipping processes for many industries. Without proper palletization, products can become damaged or difficult to transport. That's why it's important to invest in a palletizer with reliable palletizing software. At TopTier, we offer advanced palletizing software with our machines that streamlines your palletization process and maximizes efficiency. Our software uses cutting-edge algorithms to generate the most efficient and stable pallet patterns, reducing product damage and saving you time and money. With our automated palletizing solution, you can increase your production speed and accuracy while also reducing labor costs. It’s easy to use, customizable, and compatible with various equipment. Explore the advanced features below: 

Manual Operation

Manual operation of all components from touch screen

Setup and Changeover

Intuitive screens to perform all machine set-up and product changeover functions

Error Conditions

Graphical screen error enunciation to assist diagnostics

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