Craft brewers and distillers typically start out with a small production area giving up most the space available to the vats required for fermenting their particular nectar. Toptier’s compact modular footprint affords breweries the ability to palletize beer and stretch wrap their loads in the smallest possible area.

Integrated concurrent stretch wrapping does not increase the overall footprint of the palletizer, and eliminates the need for the additional handling involved in a separate stretch wrapping system by palletizing and securing loads for direct shipment.

Craft brewers were small businesses that have grown from a basement operation to gaining local and national notoriety. Along the way most of their budget is consumed with the cost of all of the stainless steel components required for the brewing process, but at some point their business matures to where packaging automation is required. TopTier’s palletizing solutions afford them the ability to automate palletizing and stretch wrapping of their product at the lowest possible price point.


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